Hiring a live in nanny

More and more families are starting to look into hiring a live in nanny to look after the apple of their eye. Most people misunderstand nannies, they are not going to be like Nanny McPhee or Mary Poppins, but they can provide you with essential assistance while your child is growing up.

Hiring a live in nanny can be an important decision for a family to take, when looking into childcare. Most families will assume that they can't afford to hire a live in nanny. However, if the costs of hiring a live in nanny are weighed up against the benefits, one would actually find that cost savings could be achieved from having a permanent nanny at home. Obviously, when you hire a live in nanny, the wage that you pay your nanny will be subsidized in part by the fact that they obtain free accommodation and meals within your house but this will also mean a slight increase in your household bills. What you will gain, however, from your live in nanny is a dedicated care service for your child. Your child will be looked after and cared for and given one to one attention, which is more than you can say they will obtain at any child care centre.

If you would like to consider hiring a nanny, contact Handy Helpers to discuss the benefits of live in, and live out childcare.

By Dominic Donaldson
Article Source: /www.articlebank.co.za


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